How to access all your computers at once on your AppleTV

We have an awesome device in the market, Apple TV. This device is a portable hardware which allows the users for streaming all the contents which are stored on the PC or from other channels, which are pre-installed, including Netflix directly to home theatre/TV. You can easily watch your favourite movies and videos on big screen easily. Using Apple TV is a cool thing, but everything does come up with few limitations and Apple TV is no exception. We have younity App, a free application which easily makes the Apple TV a better one. It significantly helps in connecting multiple devices together for easy access of the content.


If you have a Mac or a PC at your home and you want to access the files stored on them while being in your office through your iPad or iPhone, then younity App is the one to get, which is even free. You might be thinking to ask me a question that “Can I sync my iPhone to multiple computers for getting my stuff?” Then, my answer would be, “Yes, you can.” So, now we would learn about how to install younity as well as stream the computer on Apple TV.

Installing Younity App

  • Download and install the younity App on your computers or Mac devices for accessing all the contents stored on them.
  • Download and install an iOS app on your iPad or iPhone.

Installing younity App on multiple computers will significantly create a one single list of all the contents within the younity iOS App. This app not only helps in connecting all the computers and other devices together, but even allows to stream all the photos as well as music and videos on iPad or iPhone anytime and anywhere. This particularly means that while being on your family trip or at friend’s birthday bash, you can simply access the files stored on your PC.

Streaming video using Younity App

  • You already have installed the iOS younity app on your iPhone, so just start playing the video.
  • The Apple Menu icon is available on your iPhone screen at the bottom.
  • If AirPlay is enabled on your iPhone, then the icon will appear, click it.
  • Select the device to which you want to be connected and the video will start streaming.

younity App even does allow its users for sharing photos, as well as music and videos with family and friends using the younity App itself. While connecting your iPhone with the computer or Mac, you just need to find out which file to share and the content will stream directly on your Apple TV.


The setup is not much complicated one, neither its management or configuration because users need not to browse through every single connected computer. The whole process is free as well as secure and easy. Overall, younity App is a worth to download app for all iOS users.

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